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Using Student Media Applications to Bring Home Lecture Content
Tiffany R. Wang

Many students struggle to connect what they read in their textbook to their personal lives and their campus homes. Many instructors struggle to find relevant video clips that reflect the media students immerse themselves in daily or weekly. Charging students with finding compelling examples that support lecture content addresses both of these challenges and increases the likelihood that students will be engaged in the learning process. Supplementing lecture with video and discussion assists audio and visual learners with retention and application.

Angela Beck, Christina Gentile, & Stephen Spates

Today’s graduates are expected to be experts in social media, as information
technology is rapidly changing the ways in which our increasingly global society functions.
This assignment will allow students to gain a preliminary understanding of the power of
social media and the skills necessary to harness it. Additionally, this activity provides a
way for instructors to engage their students outside of the classroom using one of the most
popular, accessible forms of information technology available. The benefits of utilizing
Twitter as the new form of an online learning discussion board are numerous. Twitter
allows students constant access to other students as well as their instructor, through various
technologies (e.g., laptop or mobile device), without disconnecting them from their lives
outside of the classroom (Dunlap & Lowenthal, 2009). The result is a more natural,
continuous interaction and application of class concepts to real world situations.

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